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Meet Our New Team Member: Melissa Breyer

Meet Our New Team Member: Melissa Breyer

The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission is excited to introduce Melissa Breyer, our new Environmental Resources Planner. Melissa brings wildlife monitoring, environmental survey, and GIS expertise to her position at CARPC, including experience with wetland delineations, waterbody surveys, and habitat assessments. She looks forward to the opportunity to help development proceed sustainably by mitigating natural resource impacts.

Staff Trivia: Melissa has worked and conducted research in Michigan, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Wyoming, Indiana, Oregon, Illinois, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio.

Originally hailing from Appleton, Melissa lived and worked in eight states before returning home to Wisconsin. Melissa completed an undergraduate degree in Fisheries and Wildlife at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities before achieving her master’s in Environmental Science with a Graduate GIS Certificate at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Many of her previous work experiences centered around the conservation of individual animal species, including serving as a local expert on Franklin’s ground squirrels and monitoring federally endangered shorebirds. She later gained regulatory familiarity as a consultant specializing in environmental permitting and compliance. Melissa now looks forward to further broadening her view to an ecosystem perspective, moving from a focus on individual species and permits to how everything ties together in the bigger picture.

Staff Trivia: As a bobwhite quail technician in Indiana, Melissa single-handedly trapped and banded 51 birds by herself.

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, and beekeeping. She plays the saxophone and ukulele and is looking forward to connecting with Madison’s ultimate frisbee community. Melissa is a proud dog owner, though she also loves cats and animals in general.

Melissa’s CARPC assignments will include future environmental corridor planning, Urban Service Area amendments, wetlands projects, and updating wetlands and environmental corridor datasets. She is currently working from home like the rest of our staff; while these circumstances may not be ideal, we imagine they are preferable to her previous position which involved counting trees in waist-deep snow and -40°F temps.

Please join us in welcoming Melissa to the CARPC team!