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Agendas, packets, and minutes for CARPC meetings may be found on the CARPC meeting information page.

The Commission is governed by Wisconsin Stat. § 66.0309 and by adopted bylaws.

The Commission is composed of 13 commissioners appointed by 4 appointing authorities:

  1. the Mayor of the City of Madison (4 commissioners);
  2. the Dane County Executive (3 commissioners);
  3. the Dane County Cities and Villages Association (3 commissioners); and
  4. the Dane County Towns Association (3 commissioners).

The number behind each Commissioner’s name corresponds to the appropriate appointing authority number above.

Heidi Murphy (3)
Village of Cottage Grove, Trustee

Appointed 7/17/19

Lauren Cnare (1)

Appointed 11/18/14

Maureen Crombie (3)
City of Sun Prairie, Alder

Executive Committee / Appointed 9/21/16

Mark Geller (4)
Treasurer / Town of Verona, Town Chair

Executive Committee / Appointed June 2014

Ken Golden (1)

Appointed 6/21/11

Kris Hampton (4)
Secretary / Town of Cottage Grove, Town Chair

Executive Committee / Appointed 2/6/14

Peter McKeever (2)
Vice Chair

Executive Committee / Appointed Spring 2010

Ed Minihan (2)
Town of Dunn. Chairman

Appointed 2013

Larry Palm (1)
Executive Chairperson

Executive Committee / Appointed 5/15/07

David Pfeiffer (4)
Town of Pleasant Springs, Town Chair

Executive Committee / Appointed March 2015

Caryl Terrell (2)

Appointed Spring 2010

Bruce Stravinski (3)
Village of Windsor, Trustee

Appointed 7/19/17