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Environmental Corridors

Environmental corridors are continuous systems of open space in urban and urbanizing areas. These corridors include environmentally sensitive lands, natural resources requiring protection from disturbance and development, and lands needed for open space and recreational use.

Environmental corridors have been mapped for all urban and limited service areas in the county. Corridor delineation is based mainly on drainage ways and stream channels, floodplains, wetlands, steep slopes, and other natural features. CARPC staff works with local units of government to delineate the corridors, which are then used to decide where to locate urban development and major facilities.

As a planning tool, potential future environmental corridors have also been identified outside of existing urban service areas. The Protection Areas are those locations likely to be required in environmental corridors in the future, based on current requirements for drainage ways and stream channels, 1% annual chance floodplains, wetlands, steep slopes, and other resource features (parks, unique vegetation, etc.). The Stewardship Areas are those locations recommended for consideration as an enhancement to the required environmental corridors and include potentially restorable wetlands and the 0.2% annual chance floodplain. These future potential environmental corridors are useful for the comprehensive planning of future urban development and natural resource preservation. Environmental corridors are available to view and download on the Open Data Portal.

More information on environmental corridors:

Environmental Corridor Amendment Reviews

CARPC Res # *Service AreaAmendment NameApplicantStatus of AmendmentSupporting Documents
Management LetterCentral USACity of Fitchburg #1901ECCity of FitchburgApproved by DNR
1. Application

2. Staff Analysis
Management LetterCentral USACity of Madison #1801ECCity of MadisonApproved by DNR
1. Application

2. Staff Analysis
2017-19Waunakee USAVillage of WaunakeeVillage of WaunakeeApproved by DNR
1. Application (revised 9/7/17)

2. Staff Analysis

* Effective February 2018, management letters will be issued by CARPC instead of resolutions.

Please contact Melissa Michaud, Environmental Resources Planner, at 608-474-6020 or melissam@capitalarearpc.org for additional information.