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Special Plans & Studies

In addition to our comprehensive planning capabilities, CARPC staff have experience developing the following types of special plans and studies:

Environmental Condition Reports

Regional Planning Commission staff work with local planners and officials to prepare Environmental Conditions Reports. ECRs examine natural resources, sensitive environmental areas, projected demand for land and redevelopment opportunities. The reports generally cover an urban area and the surrounding extraterritorial jurisdiction area.

Example: Stoughton Area FUDA Environmental Conditions Report (2014)

Future Urban Development Area Planning

Following completion of Environmental Condition Reports, communities may elect to participate in Future Urban Development Area (FUDA) planning. FUDA planning engages neighboring jurisdictions in a joint planning process to consider alternative development scenarios. Community members and leaders examine scenarios and their estimated future impacts. They use the results to inform their local comprehensive planning.

Example: North Yahara FUDA Study (2012)

Scenario Planning

Using UrbanFootprint, Regional Planning Commission staff are able to generate and evaluate multiple scenarios of future urban development. Community leaders and residents can use this information to illustrate the impacts of development choices and prepare plans and policies most likely to generate desired outcomes.