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CARPC Partners with UW, Communities on Local Code Assessment

CARPC Partners with UW, Communities on Local Code Assessment

The 2050 Regional Development Framework lays out growth strategies designed to achieve shared regional goals and objectives. CARPC adopted the Framework this summer and is now working with communities to support their implementation of the Framework, which serves as an advisory guide.  

One thing we heard from communities is that their zoning codes need updating to better reflect comprehensive plans, the Regional Development Framework, and national best practices. In response, CARPC partnered with the UW-Madison Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture (DPLA) to design a project to assess local zoning and subdivision ordinances for consistency with the Framework, comprehensive plans, best practices, and to provide recommendations for code changes to increase consistencies.  

Under the resulting agreement, DPLA will hire and supervise a student Project Assistant, or intern, to carry out the code assessment with CARPC staff. The project is expected to start on May 1, 2023.  

Six municipalities in the region committed to provide funding to extend the project from one semester to a full year. This extension will provide more time for the assessment and better ensure that the project meets desired outcomes. CARPC looks forward to partnering with contributing and other communities in the region to help make land use codes more effective tools for achieving our shared regional goals. 

For more information, contact Steve Steinhoff, Agency Director, at steves@capitalarearpc.org.