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Town of Dunkirk PDR Evaluation Map

Town of Dunkirk PDR Evaluation Map

CARPC staff had the opportunity recently to work for the Town of Dunkirk on a special data and mapping request. The Town needed a way to evaluate applications to their Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) program using map layers. CARPC staff created an ArcGIS Online map with widgets to assist the Town. Dunkirk staff can select parcels where an owner is interested in selling development rights and assess how well those parcels meet their PDR program ranking criteria. Some of the criteria they can assess with their map include:

  • Distances to features like waterbodies, current development, and other environmental resources
  • Percent of land comprised of “prime” agricultural soils
  • Percent of land by soil productivity classification

CARPC staff are equipped to provide geospatial data, printed maps, and web maps or story maps to local communities. Commonly requested maps and datasets include zoning, special districts, land uses, lists of property owners within a given area, environmentally sensitive areas, and farmland preservation.

In addition to our collection of regional data, CARPC staff can provide community-specific data to help you answer questions and solve problems. Our abilities range from collecting and packaging raw data to analyzing, summarizing, and visualizing those data. To request customized data services, please contact Sean Higgins, Senior Community Planner, at seanh@capitalarearpc.org or Matt Noone, GIS Specialist, at mattn@capitalarearpc.org to request mapping assistance.