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CARPC Joins Green Tier Clear Waters Initiative Charter

CARPC Joins Green Tier Clear Waters Initiative Charter

A key part of CARPC’s work involves implementing and updating the Dane County Water Quality Plan, which aims to protect, improve, and enhance water quality in the region. As part of this work, we are pleased to announce that CARPC has joined the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Green Tier Clear Waters Initiative Charter as a Signatory Member.

Green Tier is a WDNR voluntary program that rewards businesses who demonstrate superior environmental performance with streamlined permitting and other benefits. The Clear Waters Initiative Charter is a partnership effort between units of government and the building sector in Dane County.

The basic aim of the Clear Waters Initiative Charter is to reduce the overall nutrient and sediment delivery to Dane County’s lakes and streams beyond current state and local requirements. These reductions are achieved through routine reporting and inspections, training, and early involvement by the regulatory community in the planning phase of developments.

As the regulatory agency responsible for land use and areawide water quality management planning in the greater Madison region, participation in the CWI Charter is a natural fit for CARPC. CARPC has been informally involved with the Clear Water Initiative for many years through periodic attendance at meetings to stay abreast of stormwater management trends and Charter initiatives. Recently, staff saw formal participation as an opportunity to further our mission and be more directly involved with the development community’s work to address water quality issues. The Commission agreed and voted in favor of pursuing involvement with the Charter as a Signatory.

On November 11, 2021, the Clear Waters Initiative Board of Directors voted in favor of CARPC joining the Charter. We are excited to enhance our collaboration with the other participants of the Clear Waters Initiative as we work toward the common goal of increasing water quality in our lakes and streams.

Interested in contributing toward increased water quality in our lakes and streams? Building and development sector businesses and municipalities are encouraged to visit the Green Tier website to learn more about the Clear Waters Initiative and other Green Tier program opportunities.