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Connecting with Our Commissioners: Nick Zavos

Connecting with Our Commissioners: Nick Zavos

Jason with CARPC Commissioner Nick Zavos

Jason Valerius, CARPC’s Executive Director, is continuing his efforts of meeting with each of our commissioners. Last month, he got to know Nick Zavos.

Nick Zavos started his job as Deputy Mayor in the City of Madison in 2011 and served as a liaison to CARPC. During this time, he learned how valuable CARPC is to the region. Nearly a decade later, he was asked to serve as a City-appointed commissioner and agreed.

Jason and Nick met over coffee in an always-busy neighborhood gathering spot, Colectivo Coffee on Monroe St. They talked about the value of asking the question, “So what?” In other words, what is the significance of data and information and how can CARPC use it to solve problems?

Thank you to Nick and all of CARPC’s Commissioners for your help in strengthening the region by engaging communities through planning, collaboration, and assistance.