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Connecting with Our Commissioners: Jim Schuler

Connecting with Our Commissioners: Jim Schuler

Jason Valerius, CARPC’s Executive Director, is continuing his efforts of meeting with each of our Commissioners. Last week, he got to know Jim Schuler.

Jim is a member of the Village Board in Maple Bluff, a role he has had for almost 20 years! He has stayed in his position because he loves seeing his work come to life and make a difference in the lives of Maple Bluff residents. Jim also has a background in marketing and is committed to helping CARPC communicate its value to communities and the public.

When Jim isn’t working and advocating for Maple Bluff and Dane County residents, he enjoys windsurfing on Lake Mendota.

Thank you to Jim and all of CARPC’s Commissioners for your help in strengthening the region by engaging communities through planning, collaboration, and assistance.