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2021 RPC-MPO Webinar Series – Session 4 Recap

2021 RPC-MPO Webinar Series – Session 4 Recap

Greater Madison MPO and Capital Area RPC logos

The latest session of CARPC and the Greater Madison MPO‘s 2021 joint webinar series took place on Thursday, August 19th. Thank you to all participants for your time, interest, and engaging questions!

In this webinar, staff from CARPC’s Environmental Resources Planning division explained the value of Environmental Corridors as a local and regional planning tool. Links to the presentation slides and webinar recording, along with our Open Data Portal, are below:  

Presentation SlidesCARPC-MPO_JointWebinar4_Presentation.pdf  

Webinar RecordingCARPC-MPO_JointWebinar4_Recording.mp4  

CARPC Open Data Portalhttps://data-carpc.opendata.arcgis.com/  

Next Session: Join us on October 21 for another CARPC-hosted webinar on the economics of green infrastructure.