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Recap: Meeting Regional Climate Targets Webinar

Recap: Meeting Regional Climate Targets Webinar

In our first RPC-MPO webinar of 2022, Kathy Kuntz (Dane County Office of Energy & Climate Change), Steve Steinhoff (CARPC), and Bill Schaefer (Greater Madison MPO) gave an overview of the climate goals and strategies outlined in three long-range regional plans, along with steps we can all take toward meeting them. It was great to see participants’ strong interest in and engagement on this topic!

Webinar recording:

Q&A Responses: CARPC-MPO-OECC_Climate-Webinar_Q&A.pdf

Presentation slides: CARPC-MPO-OECC_Climate-Webinar_Slides.pdf

Links and resources:

Stay tuned for information on our next joint webinar later this summer.