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May Webinar: Growing the Local & Regional Tree Canopy

May Webinar: Growing the Local & Regional Tree Canopy

Wednesday, May 29, 12:00-1:00 p.m.
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Much like a healthy forest, there is a diverse and interconnected network of groups and initiatives working to support the Dane County tree canopy. This session will highlight some of the key tree canopy work happening at both the regional and local levels.

Capital Area RPC staff will describe recent efforts to map, inventory, plan for, and protect the region’s trees. We’ll also get to hear from Jay Weiss, founder of the Cambridge Tree Project, which has successfully planted over 1,100 trees on public property without the use of municipal funds. Brian Wahl from the Wisconsin DNR will give an overview of the grant funding available to cities, villages, towns, tribes, and nonprofit organizations to support local forestry projects.

Featuring: Matt Noone and Liz Levy (CARPC), Jay Weiss (Cambridge Tree Project), & Brian Wahl (Wisconsin DNR)

Who should attend: The primary audiences for this webinar are municipal staff, officials, and decision-makers. All interested community members are welcome.

What we’ll do:

  • Explain the importance of maintaining and expanding the regional tree canopy.
  • Describe what CARPC and its collaborators are doing to promote canopy preservation and expansion at the regional level.
  • Showcase the Village of Cambridge’s success in expanding and diversifying its community forest through an innovative grassroots program.
  • Preview upcoming projects, funding opportunities, and ways to take action in your own community.