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CARPC Unveils Greater Madison Region Green Infrastructure Viewer

CARPC Unveils Greater Madison Region Green Infrastructure Viewer

The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission is proud to roll out the Greater Madison Region Green Infrastructure Viewer, an ArcGIS webmap showcasing a collection of representative and exemplary projects using green infrastructure practices for urban stormwater management.

This collection of green infrastructure practices is intended to be used by property owners, decision-makers, designers, or anyone looking to see real-world examples of green infrastructure in action in the Greater Madison urbanized area.

Green infrastructure refers to a range of practices that use soil and vegetation systems, permeable surfaces or substrates, or stormwater collection and reuse systems to retain, infiltrate, or evapotranspirate stormwater, reducing flows to sewer systems or to surface waters. Use of green infrastructure over conventional “grey” infrastructure helps to reduce flooding, promote infiltration, improve water quality, and create resiliency to climate change, among other social, environmental, and economic benefits.

These benefits have become increasingly clear in our region, so much so that recent Dane County and City of Madison stormwater ordinance updates have incorporated requirements to implement green infrastructure practices in some instances. Learn more through our RPC-MPO Joint Webinar on the Economics of Green Infrastructure.

Do you have a great example of green infrastructure being used in your community or on a project that you want to showcase? If so, send an email with project details to info@capitalarearpc.org, including:

  • Project Name
  • Location/Address
  • Brief Project Description with a focus on Stormwater Management Practices, and
  • Year Constructed/Opened