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2021 RPC-MPO Webinar Series – Session 4

2021 RPC-MPO Webinar Series – Session 4

Greater Madison MPO and Capital Area RPC logos

A Joint Webinar from the Greater Madison MPO and the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission

In the fourth session of our 2021 lunch-and-learn webinar series, join CARPC staff to learn more about the applications of potential future Environmental Corridors as a regional planning tool.

Environmental Corridors: Current Requirements & Future Considerations
Thursday, August 19, 12:00-1:00 p.m.
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Environmental Corridors are continuous systems of open space in urban and urbanizing areas. These corridors include environmentally sensitive lands, natural resources requiring protection from disturbance and development, and lands needed for open space and recreational use. CARPC works with local units of government in the region to delineate Environmental Corridors during the sewer service amendment process. As a planning tool, potential future Environmental Corridors (both Protection Areas and Stewardship Areas) have also been identified outside of existing urban service areas.

Intended Audience: The primary audiences for this webinar are local and county planning staff, local officials, consultants, and interested community members.

What We’ll Do:

  • Review existing requirements for Environmental Corridors
  • Explain the difference between the required Protection Areas and enhanced Stewardship Areas
  • Provide information about the datasets that comprise the mapped Environmental Corridors
  • Discuss current work related to Habitat Stepping Stones, as an element of Stewardship Areas
  • Share what’s ahead for an update to the Environmental Corridors Report

The Greater Madison MPO and Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC) are partner agencies working together to align transportation, land use, and natural resource planning in the greater Madison region. CARPC oversees Dane County’s land use and water quality plans and strengthens the region by engaging communities through planning, collaboration and assistance. The Greater Madison MPO leads the collaborative planning and funding of a sustainable, equitable transportation system for the Greater Madison region.