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Community Engagement

CARPC can support your outreach and education efforts in a variety of ways, from facilitating events to informing decision-making processes.

Meeting Support

Our staff can handle event logistics so you are free to focus on engaging with attendees. Before the meeting, we can assist with organization, promotion, facilitation, and materials preparation. As the meeting takes places, we can manage sign-ins, collect feedback, and take notes and/or photos.

Site Modeling

CARPC uses wooden blocks and paper infrastructure to model development alternatives. These scale models are designed to help non-planners visualize what potential developments might look like.

Example: Stoughton Design Workshop (2015)


Our staff is prepared to present to boards, commissions, staff, and community groups on a variety of topics. Past presentation topics include A Greater Madison Vision survey results, multifamily and rental housing, regional trends, and flood resilience.