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Regional Trends 2016 – Environmental Resources

Regional Trends 2016 – Environmental Resources

The Regional Planning Commission released its second Regional Trends report of 2016 on Environmental Resources. This report covers stormwater runoff, drinking water supply and quality, and protection of sensitive natural areas.

The Regional Planning Commission promotes collaborative planning by providing the latest data, information, and trends in a regional context to aid local decision makers. Quarterly Regional Trends reports report on the most recent trends in population and housing, environmental resources, agricultural preservation, economic development and access to opportunity.

The 2016 Environmental Resources Regional Trends report presents data on six key environmental indicators. Regional performance on these indicators reflects progress in the face of more than a century of intensive urban development and agricultural production. For example, while over-fertilization and sedimentation of our lakes and streams from rural and urban stormwater runoff and beach closures continue to be a problem, there are signs of improvement. Conversely, ground and surface water quality indicates worsening trends related to chlorides from road salt, especially in urban areas.

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