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Plan Amendment

Regional Planning Commission staff work with communities to assist in development and implementation of their communities plans.

Urban and Limited Service Area Amendment Reviews

Urban Service Areas are areas in and around existing communities most suitable for development and have the capacity to provide a full range of urban services. USA boundaries represent the outer limits of planned urban growth over a long-term planning period.

The Regional Planning Commission and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources approve sewer extensions and sewage treatment facilities based on USA boundaries. USAs are also included in area plans so that local, regional, and state agency decisions can be coordinated, consistent and capable of achieving desired growth and development patterns.

Limited Service Areas are served with fewer or limited urban services, such as sanitary sewer. LSAs are intended for special or unique areas, or areas of existing development experiencing sewage disposal problems.

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Service Area Amendments Approved in 2017

CARPC Res #Service AreaAmendment NameApplicantStatus of AmendmentSupporting Documents
2017-03Sun Prairie USACity of Sun Prairie #1610City of Sun PrairieApproved by DNR
1. C-Sun Prairie Application
2. C-Sun Prairie Staff Analysis
3. C-Sun Prairie Supplemental Analysis
4. Letter of Support
5. Wetland Delineation Report
TBDCottage Grove USAVillage of Cottage Grove #1701Village of Cottage GrovePublic Hearing to be held at CARPC meeting on May 11th, 2017, at 7:15pm [Public Hearing Notice]1. Staff Analysis - Amended
2. Application
3. Application Maps
4. Wetland Delineation Report

Please contact Mike Rupiper, Director for Environmental Resources Planning, at 608-266-9283 or MikeR@CapitalAreaRPC.org, for additional information.

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