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Agendas and packets for CARPC meetings may be found on the CARPC public portal.

The Commission is composed of 13 commissioners appointed by 4 appointing authorities:

  • the Mayor of the City of Madison (4 commissioners);
  • the Dane County Executive (3 commissioners);
  • the Dane County Cities and Villages Association (3 commissioners); and
  • the Dane County Towns Association (3 commissioners).

The Commission is governed by adopted bylaws.

H. Tony Hartmann
City of Fitchburg, Alder

Appointed 5/3/17

Brad Cantrell
City of Madison, Alder

Appointed 10/18/16

Lauren Cnare

Appointed 11/18/14

Maureen Crombie
City of Sun Prairie, Alder

Executive Committee / Appointed 9/21/16

Mark Geller
Treasurer / Town of Verona, Town Chair

Executive Committee / Appointed June 2014

Ken Golden

Executive Committee / Appointed 6/21/11

Kris Hampton

Executive Committee / Appointed 2/6/14

Peter McKeever
Vice Chair

Executive Committee / Appointed Spring 2010

Ed Minihan
Town of Dunn. Chairman

Appointed 2013

Larry Palm
Executive Chairperson / City of Madison, Alder

Executive Committee / Appointed 5/15/07

David Pfeiffer
Town of Pleasant Springs, Town Chair

Appointed March 2015

Caryl Terrell

Appointed Spring 2010

Bruce Stravinski
Village of Windsor, Trustee

Appointed 7/19/17